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Support and Sponsors

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Take a look below at the passionate and enthusiastic sponsors we work with each day.

Square Rock has been at the front end of the paddle sport industry providing specialist equipment for over 5 years. It is a company owned and run by paddler Aaron Dempsey who holds the same passion for paddling and being out on the water that drives most of us to brave the winter morning for that quick ride on a wave or run down the local river. It is this passion for the sport that means Square Rock strive to provide kit that works for paddlers.

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Jackson Kayak works primarily with smaller dealers instead of large retailers. They have particularly promoted Kayaking as a family sport, especially by producing boats for children as small as weighing 13.5 kg (30 pounds). Canoeist Joe Jacobi, an Olympic Gold medalist in 1992 and teammate of Eric Jackson at the Olympic Games, believes that Jackson has “made whitewater kayaking a family sport in a way that no one else in the industry has been able to do”.

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When a group of friends whose interests span climbing, surfing, kayaking, snowsports, hiking, overlanding and travel decided to celebrate their adventurous spirit by launching a Dartmoor-based lifestyle clothing company, there was only one location which fitted the bill – the village of Shaugh Prior, a stone’s throw from the crags of the Dewerstone. And this meant there could only ever be one choice of name for the new brand.

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