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The DewerstoneTo some unimaginative folk it’s just a lump of rock; a granite bluff thrusting 150 feet into the air amid the rolling hills of southern Dartmoor. However to those drawn to look closer, it’s so much more. It’s a place of challenge, a crucible of dreams and heart-racing adventure. For the Dewerstone is one of the great rock climbing arenas of southern England, a magnificent cliff which soars up from the banks of the River Plym, its towering crags and sweeping lines dripping with inspiration.

But there’s so much more to it than that, as the Dewerstone sits on the boundary between worlds. To the north, Dartmoor’s sweeping wilderness stretches to the tor-studded horizon, while the restless ocean sweeps away to the south, meaning that all around its hallowed cliffs, there are endless challenges awaiting the bold. From white-water kayaking and pummelling surf breaks, to hardcore bike rides and endless hikes, it’s the epicentre from which of a whole world of adventures radiate.

With this in mind, when a group of friends whose interests span climbing, surfing, kayaking, snowsports, hiking, overlanding and travel decided to celebrate their adventurous spirit by launching a Dartmoor-based lifestyle clothing company, there was only one location which fitted the bill – the village of Shaugh Prior, a stone’s throw from the crags of the Dewerstone. And this meant there could only ever be one choice of name for the new brand.

Dewerstone – it says it all.