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Square Rock has been at the front end of the paddle sport industry providing specialist equipment for over 5 years. It is a company owned and run by paddler Aaron Dempsey who holds the same passion for paddling and being out on the water that drives most of us to brave the winter morning for that quick ride on a wave or run down the local river. It is this passion for the sport that means Square Rock strive to provide kit that works for paddlers.

The manufacturers that Square Rock import and provide are:
Jackson Kayaks

Kayaks, Paddlers, and Paddling:  This is what Jackson Kayaks is about.
We are a very altruistic/ideal focused group of people with quality, innovation, and “leaving the world a better place” as the core.

Jackson Kayak was born in 2003 with EJ and Tony Lunt as co-founders.  We have assembled the best team in the world of people commited to the cause over the past 7 years and are relentless in the pursuit of quality and performance.

We are located in Sparta, TN in our 100,000 square foot facility, in a town of 8,000 people.    We have about 120 employees and make products for whitewater, recreational paddling, touring, fishing, accessories, clothing, and even do custom manufacturing for playgrounds, other kayak companies, and more.

We make our plastic kayaks in sparta, and just about every component as well. Each year we become more self-sufficient in our manufacturing.


It all started out of a love for water, sports and adventure. In the early 80s, some friends and I fell in love with windsurfing. We were windsurfing pioneers in Slovenia. And as is normal for pioneers, we had a very strong will but quite poor equipment! We wanted to surf more than those 2 or 3 windy days in summer, so we needed something to keep us warm.

At that time it was impossible to buy this kind of wetsuit in our country. And western European countries were too expensive for us, so I decided to make our own neoprene suits. We bought some neoprene abroad, smuggled it across the frontier and made ourselves our own technical wetsuits. The word spread and what started out of a necessity, turned into a hobby. It then slowly grew in to a full time occupation that was closely related to the things I love.

Now, after more than twenty years of professional activity, passion is still the main driving force at Sandiline. We love what we do, that is why we still develop and produce our gear in our facilities in Slovenia. In order to be fit for their intended purposes, our products are carefully designed by our experts and tested by top-class athletes or professional users before reaching the market.

All the gear we produce is made with the same dedication and passion as those first wetsuits for me and my friends, but now with the benefit of more than two decades of experience and innovation. That experience makes our gear suitable (for specific performances in specific conditions), durable and likeable. Satisfied users, from Olympic medallist to elder ladies who just fell in love with the sea, prove that we’ve chosen the right path – a path Sandiline will keep following in the future.

WRSI Helmets

The history of this project, and hence, a safer helmet for non-motorized water sports, especially the extreme sport of whitewater kayaking/rafting, can be credited to the “living spirit” of one person, Lucas Brandon Turner. Upon his fatal accident on a very dangerous river in Idaho, his surviving family sought some solace in seeking the reason for his “needless death,” and committed themselves to implement a solution to that problem.  Ever more, they believed, it would give not just whitewater boaters, but worldwide communities of non-motorized water sports participants, a better chance to provide their own conscious assistance in their unfortunate participation in an accident in a water recreation environment.

To this end, the Whitewater Research & Safety Institute ( WRSI ) was created and began the development, manufacture, and distribution of a safer water sports helmet. Under the direct auspices of Dr. Andrew H. Conn, the Mechanical Design Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University, the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and the Inventors, Mr. Chang Lee and Mr. Michael Cordeiro, the WhiteWater Head Impact Protection Project (WHIPP) resulted in a prototype that has produced the 2006 WRSI water sports helmet, that we believe to be the “safest whitewater helmet in the world.”

Ophion Paddles

Who? – Ophion is a paddle manufacturer based in a small village to the north west of Slovenia. This part of Slovenia has one of the most beautiful and wild rivers in Europe, the river Soča. The Soča offers the ultimate white water testing ground.

We have only one passion that drives us, and that is to provide the best possible paddle, using the best possible techniques and materials.

What? – There is always a meaning behind a name. So what does Ophion mean? In Greek mythology, Ophion ruled the water world, and in its simplest terms that is our goal. We are continually testing and developing our paddles with the help of our Ophion paddle team, to ensure you get the best possible product.

Why? – “So how did it start, well  years ago while working as an Automotive Engineer, I decided that the concept of Aqua-planing could not only be used for the design of Car tyres, but also be applied to paddles. As my father was already a maker of paddles, I used his experience to guide my ideas. The difference between Paddles and tyres is that tyres need to disperse water and paddles need to catch the water to gain power, but they must also glide in and out with the minimal of friction.

When? – In 2005 after suffering a badly broken arm while  riding a mountain bike, I realised that what I had designed was a really good product and I should actually put my ideas into practice and start making my own paddles.

There was a gap in the market for custom made paddle, with so many different preferences in style, features and paddle responses, we decided it was time to fill that gap.

So here we are with a wide selection of options to put the perfect customised paddle into paddlers hands.

Accudock Floating Platforms

AccuDock offers low profile docks specifically designed for the rowing community. Our 6” docks sit 5” off the water’s surface which allow rowing sculls to hug the edge of the dock and the outriggers to easily clear the dock surface. Being used in regattas and at universities across the world, AccuDock rowing docks provide rowers with superior ease of launching their sculls.


For further information on any of the brands above or to get in contact with Square Rock please email: info@squarerock.co.uk