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how to use DofE Stoves


we’re going to be running through how a stove works and what’s inside one of these cooking stoves. So to begin with i’m just going to open this up and see what’s inside.
So we’ve got a frying pan uh we’ve got two bits here which i’m just gonna run through in a second um we’ve got two saucepans which come out there as well we’ve got a windshield and we’ve got a base plate as well which flips over so inside these orange bags we’ve got the burner just here and we’ve also got the handle which attaches to all of the saucepans and all the frying pans as well so i also have that as well and now we’re just going to pop these together cool so we’re going to attach the burner through the base plate like so and that just slots in there we want to make sure that this part comes out of the gap in the base plate there we then have the windshield so we can pop that on top and then we can lock it off so it doesn’t come off then what we want to do is we wanted to boil some water or use the saucepan and we can pop that on top like so and it sits there using that handle and we can also use in the handle again bring the metal parts out uh and if we want to use the frying pan we can then place our paper there and that balance is on there we take those off again so if you wanted to boil water in that sauce and what we can do is we can pop those metal bits back inside saucepan on top you want to boil some water and as a lid we can then use the saucepan like so

Now we’re going to attach the gas so all I’m going to do is I’m just going to screw this onto the end of the burner like so and that just twists until it locks on so what I’m going to go through now then is how we’re actually going to light the stove so what I’d do is I would um strike a match and at the same time as that I would then need to control this gas here with the nozzle so what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to turn that on as well that’s what I need to do while slicing the match

make sure the match is cut out and grab the windshield

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