Outdoor Group Climbing Session

Who Is It For?

This day is for ANYONE & EVERYONE, whether you’re a group of friends looking for a new experience, a youth group seeking adventure or corporate group looking for an active team building activity.

Whether it’s your first time climbing or your thousandth this will be a fun day out on the rocks, learning some new techniques or developing on your existing skills.

The Plan

Let’s go Climbing!!

We’ll assemble at the closest meeting point to the crag, introductions will be made, we’ll kit up and head over to the rocks.

After a quick warm up and some icebreaker games we’ll start climbing, after all that’s what we’re here for isn’t it.

This is aimed to be a fun and enjoyable experience so depending on what the group wants to do we can either play a lot of climbing games, focus more on climbing or a mixture of the two! totally up to you.

Our staff are all highly qualified and skilled climbers so they will help everyone progress through each session.

It's Local

In the South East we are lucky enough to have some of the best Sandstone crags in the UK just around the corner. We have Harrisons Rocks, Stone Farm and High Rocks (to name just a few) all in Surrey and Sussex. Our aim aim to grow the outdoor climbing community and give more people the chance to experience our local, natural climbing spots.

What You Need To Bring

  • A sensible pair of closed toe trainers, preferably laced. If you have your own climbing shoes that is another option.
  • Something to drink
  • Packed lunch/snacks – it’s hungry work!
  • Weather appropriate clothes:
      1. If it’s sunny, please bring sun cream as we will be outside all day. Also bring a top that covers your shoulders.
      2. If it’s cold, please bring warm layers and a waterproof jacket as we will be exposed to the weather for the day.

We will be providing all climbing equipment/PPE including; harnesses, helmets, ropes, belay devices, anchors etc., so you do not need to any specialist equipment.

If you have your own equipment please feel free to bring it with you. All personal equipment will be inspected by our instructors prior to the course and we reserve the right to refuse it’s use if we deem it to be unsafe/not fit for purpose.

Minimum age is 8 – If there is a member of your group who is under this age, please send us a message via our enquiry page as we may be able to make exceptions.

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