White Water Award

Your White Water Award endorses your skill, judgement and decision making to ensure a successful day on rivers up to grade 2. You will be confident in planning and undertaking journeys on moving water with proficient skills to be in control throughout. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with Progressive White Water Award holders.

Other information

Although not prerequisites, these awards provide appropriate acknowledgement of personal skills for paddlers wanting to attend Coaching & Leadership qualifications. Achieving these awards ahead of the relevant qualification will enable you to focus on the course content, rather than being concerned with your personal skills.

White Water Award: Paddlesport Leader, Paddlesport Instructor or Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water)
Progressive White Water Award: White Water Kayak Leader or White Water Kayak Coach
Advanced White Water Award: Advanced White Water Kayak Leader, White Water Kayak Coach (Advanced Water) or Performance White Water Kayak Coach