Outdoor Bouldering Workshop


Who Is It For?

This session is for people looking to bring the skills that they’ve been practicing indoors and apply them to a natural rock environment. Bouldering can take you to some stunning locations all around the UK and abroad.

We suggest that to get the most out of this course, you are climbing at around a 6a+/6b or V3/4. If you are not at that level yet we also run indoor bouldering coaching sessions where we can improve your strength and skills before heading out to the harder stuff.

The Plan

These sessions are designed to hone your climbing skills, introduce you to new techniques and build strength. Our coaches will be be able to identify the right problems for you and will work alongside you to solve them.

We will help you build the skills and knowledge required for you to go out and climb confidently by yourself.

Climbing outdoors can seem a little daunting, we’re here to show you that it shouldn’t be! We’ll be sure to put an emphasis on the safety and risk management aspects of outdoor climbing to make your time outdoor as stress free as possible.


We are based in the South East and there are some great Sandstone bouldering spots in Surrey and Sussex that we can all get to quickly and easily.

We can also travel anywhere in the UK to  find good weather, great views and epic climbs. There are great bouldering spots in the Peak District, Snowdonia and Dartmoor just to name a few. Get in touch via our enquiries page to let us know where you want to go and we’ll make it happen.

What You Need To Bring

  • Climbing shoes if you have them are ideal (if you don’t have climbing specific shoes then a closed toe trainer is another option)
  • Something to drink
  • Packed lunch/snacks – it’s hungry work!
  • Weather appropriate clothes:
      1. If it’s sunny, please bring sun cream as we will be outside all day. Also bring a top that covers your shoulders.
      2. If it’s cold, please bring warm layers and a waterproof jacket as we will be exposed to the weather for the day.

We will be providing bouldering mats and will have spare bouldering buckets with chalk + brushes.

If you have your own equipment please feel free to bring it with you. All personal equipment will be inspected by our instructors prior to the course and we reserve the right to refuse it’s use if we deem it to be unsafe/not fit for purpose.

Minimum age is 8 – If there is a member of your group who is under this age, please send us a message via our enquiry page as we may be able to make exceptions.

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