Progressive River Skills – Kayak 10th – 14th January 2022


Come and join us on our Moderate Water River Skills Course. This course is aimed at those looking to improve their whitewater paddling skills and confidence. Throughout this course our coaches will work with you to hone your existing skills and potentially introduce you to new, whitewater specific paddling techniques to help you towards your paddling goals.

When booking this course you’ll have the choice of one or more of the following four categories. This allows us to tailor the 2 days to your specific goals;

  • Personal paddling skills and techniques
  • Decision making
  • Leadership & Group management
  • Safety

So if you’re thinking of signing up for a leader training course, preparing for a leadership assessment or just want two days developing your river skills, this course is for you!

This two day course can be held at different locations all over the UK and Europe. See our booking table below for dates and locations.

What’s Included

  • 2 days of coaching.
  • Your coaches will be developing an individualised action plan for you throughout the course. These are designed to help further your skills after the course is complete.


We recommend being at a 3* standard or to be comfortable on grade 2/3 for this course.

If you don’t feel you are at the level just yet then take a look at our Intro to Rivers Skills Course or Private coaching sessions.

Other Information

Boats and equipment can be hired for an additional cost. Please enquire when booking and we can give you a price breakdown.

Space Left: 6