Rockstars Seniors – Thames Valley 5th December 2021


Freestyle kayaking is at the heart of Rock The Boat Activities, not only for the diversity it offers, but also the social, physical and travel opportunities it brings.

The ‘Rockstars’ programme is our monthly clinic, delivered by well known and experienced coaches who not only teach but also compete or hold sponsored roles as paddlers.

This program is designed for you to access the long term, supportive coaching you need to help you reach your goals in freestyle kayaking. Along the way you will learn about new venues, water hydrology, that next move as well as meet like minded paddlers, building your own community of freestylers.

This program is for adults only! Allowing people to access freestyle coaching with like minded peers, be it start or progressing your freestyle. For juniors please see our Rockstars Grom Squad

Every month we visit a different venue. The goal of this is to help you develop the skills to adapt your moves in different features.

It is up to you how many you attend but the more you do the cheaper it gets!

Not only do we offer on-the-water development but we can put together personal development plans for you to work on in your own time.

Once a year we put on our ‘Rockstars Euro Invasion trip’ taking a week to run to the sun and paddle freestyle every day!

Come and join us on the river!

Email: to find out more.


Due to the paddling environment and the boat control required to participate in this training course, candidates should be:

  • Confident in their ability to paddle on grade 2 water (doing it in a big boat counts we can teach the little boat tweaks)
  • Confident swimming in normal paddling clothing suitable for a moving water environment
  • Solid roll (at least 3 out of 5 attempts is a good goal)

Whats Included

  • Professional delivery by our coaching team
  • AALA licensed activities (license for working with under 18’s in adventurous activities)
  • Long term coaching supporting paddlers
  • Social interaction with other developing freestyle paddlers

Whats To Bring

  • Personal paddling equipment, including:
    • Boat
    • Paddle
    • BA
    • Helment
    • Spraydeck
    • Dry gear
    • Shoes
  • Dry clothes and shoes for off the water
  • lunch to keep your energy up
  • A drink to bring on the water with you

(Equipment can be hired from RTBA, please contact us if you require any prior to the course date)

Space Left: 6