1% For The Planet Member About Us

As an outdoor business, we rely on being able to access the great outdoors with our clients – Our Mission is to use our reach to share what we can do to support our outdoor environments that all outdoor enthusiasts know and love



If we don’t look after our planet who will?

Rock the Boat are specialists in outdoor education and professional training throughout the UK and Europe. Delivering personal and professional development across the outdoor sector.

With activities in multiple locations across the UK and trips overseas, we offer many ways to experience the outdoors. Whether you’ve never set foot in a kayak or want to take your indoor climbing outside, Rock the Boat Activities caters for all abilities and skill levels. Our courses are run by experienced instructors who provide courses tailored to everyone.

Rock the Boat Activities is proud to be an approved provider for The Duke of Edinburgh Award, offering both paddlesport and walking expeditions to schools, youth groups and individuals. We also provide registered first-aid training for the workplace and outdoors, with tailored programs, hands-on sessions, and certified instructors to empower individuals with life-saving skills.

Our team of dedicated adventure enthusiasts are all experienced outdoors people with a true passion for their work. We’ll work incredibly hard to deliver a memorable experience and allow you to make the most of your time with Rock the Boat Activities.